BESSH Conference Full Paper Proceeding in Singapore December 17-18,2015

BESSH Conference Full Paper Proceeding in Singapore December 17-18,2015

The Internal Control Disclosure, the Executive Compensation, and the Timeliness of Financial Reporting

Julianti Sjarief, Weli, Etty Widyastuti

Vol. 24- Issue.3, Page 1-6

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Methodology to Study Sustainable Competitive Advantages for Ecotourism Development of Phu Quoc Island

Hoang Pham Huy

Vol. 24- Issue.3, Page 7-12

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Web-Based Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) Assessment Model for Information Security Policy of Commercial Banks

Shiann Ming Wu, Dongqiang Guo, Wen Tsann Lin & Meng-Hua Li

Vol. 24- Issue.3, Page 13-18

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Oil Price, Monetary and Fiscal Policy: The Ase of Indonesia

Rossanto Dwi Handoyo, Mansor Jusoh, Mohd. Azlan Shah Zaidi

Vol. 24- Issue.3, Page 35-53

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Factors Affecting Consumers’ Decision to Purchase Vietgap Vegetables in Hanoi, Vietnam

Nhung Thi Thai, Kampanat Pensupar

Vol. 24- Issue.3, 54-64

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Accelerating Economic Development Strategy Through Trade Sector Development in Surabaya City

Nurul Istifadah

Vol. 24- Issue.3, 65-73

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Technical Efficiency and Total Factor Productivity Growth: Case of Indonesia’s Food and Beverage Manufacturing Sector

Martha R Primanthi

Vol. 24- Issue.3, 74-82

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Accreditation of Study Programmes and its Problem in New Emerging Countries

Margareth Gfrerer, Pheni Chalid, Putriesti Mandasari

Vol. 24- Issue.3, Page 119-124

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4. Failed State and Threats to Human security

Prihandono Wibowo, Ahmad Zamzamy

Vol. 24- Issue.3, Page 125-132

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Socioeconomic and Demographic Determinant of Fertility Rate in Eastern-Indonesia

Achmad Sjafii, Edwin DwiPranata, NyigitWudiAmini

Vol. 24- Issue.3, Page 133-138

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